Module 1 Journey1.4

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It is time for reflection.

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Discovering your personality Type is the general focus of Module 1 Me the Change-Maker.

  1. Understanding how your personality type influences the Change Process
  2. Discovering your personal preferences and focus as it relates to the Change Process
  3. Using practices for growing in awareness of your Personality Type as it relates to the InnovationCircle

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Take time to reflect on the insights and the learnings, keep practising. Make time to discuss and share your insights with a colleague.

It is strongly recommended that you internalize the learnings by first by comleting the review activities siuggested before starting Module 2: We - the InnerCircle.

Navigating Module 1 Journeys

Introducing the Three Centres of Intelligence that inform human Behaviour and indentifying your personality type

Personality types observations and discovering your Personal IC Stage Preference